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Stakeholders' contributions to tailored implementation programs: an observational study of group interview methods

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posted on 21.07.2015, 08:50 by E. Huntink, J. van Lieshout, E. Aakhus, Richard Baker, S. Flottorp, M. Godycki-Cwirko, C. Jäger, A. Kowalczyk, J. Szecsenyi, M. Wensing
BACKGROUND: Tailored strategies to implement evidence-based practice can be generated in several ways. In this study, we explored the usefulness of group interviews for generating these strategies, focused on improving healthcare for patients with chronic diseases. METHODS: Participants included at least four categories of stakeholders (researchers, quality officers, health professionals, and external stakeholders) in five countries. Interviews comprised brainstorming followed by a structured interview and focused on different chronic conditions in each country. We compared the numbers and types of strategies between stakeholder categories and between interview phases. We also determined which strategies were actually used in tailored intervention programs. RESULTS: In total, 127 individuals participated in 25 group interviews across five countries. Brainstorming generated 8 to 120 strategies per group; structured interviews added 0 to 55 strategies. Healthcare professionals and researchers provided the largest numbers of strategies. The type of strategies for improving healthcare practice did not differ systematically between stakeholder groups in four of the five countries. In three out of five countries, all components of the chosen intervention programs were mentioned by the group of researchers. CONCLUSIONS: Group interviews with different stakeholder categories produced many strategies for tailored implementation of evidence-based practice, of which the content was largely similar across stakeholder categories.



Implement Science, 2014, 9, 185

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