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posted on 23.12.2020, 15:09 by Sophie FrostSophie Frost

The term ‘emotional labour’ is our keyword in this episode. 'Emotional Labour' is a concept that has gained more and more recognition since the start of the pandemic, and even before that it had become synonymous with a wide range of employment rights issues – from its close relationship to typically female experiences of juggling a career alongside caring responsibilities, through to experiences of exhaustion, burn-out, self-alienation and exploitation when having to continuously put so much of one’s inner self into one’s work.

In 2020, 'emotional labour' has been experience by people working in museums in more broad and nuanced ways than ever before.

Sophie is joined in this episode by Effie Kapsalis - Senior Digital Program Officer at the Smithsonian Institution (US), Jude Holland - Learning Manager at Barnsley Museums (UK), Andrea Ledesma - Digital Product Specialist for the Web & Digital Engagement Team at the Field Museum (US) and Dr Lauren Vargas - Research Associate on 'One by One' and Digital Placemaker-Community Strategist (EU). Hear Effie, Jude, Andrea and Lauren help Sophie delve deeper into what 'emotional labour' might mean in 2020, and how it might be a force for good rather than one that is merely burdensome.


2 by 2: Structuring Museums to Deliver New Digital Experiences

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