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Interview about historical fiction with Catherine Johnson, author of novels for young adults and children (audio recording)

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posted on 06.05.2022, 07:55 by Kate LovemanKate Loveman

Dr Kate Loveman interviews Catherine Johnson, the award-winning author of historical novels for children and young adults. 

Catherine Johnson’s historical novels are principally set in the eighteenth-century and feature the adventures of young people who are Black or of mixed heritage. 

The topics Catherine and Kate discuss include: the roles for historical fiction in representing the experiences of Black Britons; the appeal of the eighteenth-century for writers; the types of sources that can provide inspiration; the depiction of sensitive subject matter, such as slavery and sexual assault, in novels aimed at young people; and tips for aspiring authors of historical fiction. 

This is an edited version of an interview recorded on 25 April 2022. It lasts 30 minutes. The interview was conducted as part of the ‘Reimagining the Restoration’ project, funded by the AHRC.


Reimagining the Restoration: Samuel Pepys's Diary and Popular History for the Twenty-first Century

Arts and Humanities Research Council

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