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Practice guidance for working with online sex workers

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posted on 03.10.2019, 08:19 by Teela SandersTeela Sanders, Rosie Campbell

As well as being informed by findings from the Beyond the Gaze (BtG) surveys of projects, sex worker survey and interviews, this guidance has been shaped by practices and experiences shared by a range of individual and organisations. This has included discussion and consultation within the BtG and National Ugly Mugs (NUM) Practitioners Group. Thanks to all those who have taken part in that group which first met in September 2015, all have contributed by sharing practice and thoughts which have shaped this guidance. Big thanks to NUM who have been a partner in the research and supported the project in a range of ways. Thanks to those online sex workers, who cannot be named for matters of privacy and confidentiality, but who contributed to this guidance, took part in BtG research interviews and the larger sex worker survey.

This practice guidance is based on the collective practice & knowledge shared by all those individuals and organisations who took part in the research about their experiences of working in the online sector. In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel we refer to and flag up some existing information and guidance resources. Working within the confines of word limits this guidance is unable to do full justice to all the information and practice shared, but it does highlight some key learning points from BtG which practitioners may choose to consider in their work.

Aims of the guidance:

  • To share key learning from BtG about the support needs of online sex workers (OLSWs).
  • To offer guidance about providing information and support services for OLSWs, including netreach methods.
  • To provide information about other existing relevant guidance and resources.


ESRC ES/M00732/2


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