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Charred Plant Remains from Medieval Features Excavated at 8, Church Lane, South Witham, Lincolnshire, 2002

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posted on 19.04.2012, 10:06 by Angela Monckton
The site was excavated by ULAS directed by Roger Kipling and sampling was carried out during the excavation to recover charred plant remains which can provide evidence of the crops, diet and activities of people in the past. In this area there is a lack of evidence from charred plant remains from medieval sites other than in Lincoln and Boston, so it was hoped that these remains would provide evidence about the area in these periods. Samples were taken from an oven or kiln and from pits and other features on the site of Late Saxon to medieval date. A Roman pit was also sampled. The Order of Knights Templar is known to have owned property in South Witham from the mid 12th century and the pottery spot dates quoted below suggest that all the Late Saxon-1200 AD samples could fall within this period. In addition a farm belonging to the Order is known at Temple Field to the North of the village dated to the early 14th century, covers the period represented by the rest of the medieval samples. [Taken from introduction]



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