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Evaluation of an Education Quality Dashboard (EQD) in a UK Teaching Hospital

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posted on 10.04.2017, 13:59 by Carolyn Tarrant, Sue Carr, Joanne Kirtley, Tapas Mukherjee, Liz Shaw, Janet Willars
To ensure a safe and effective learning environment, healthcare organisations are required to demonstrate compliance with quality standards for education. Currently there is a lack of tools for systematically assessing training environments. This qualitative study evaluated the use of an Education Quality Dashboard (EQD) to monitor education and training quality for junior doctors in a large UK NHS teaching hospital. Metrics for the EQD were selected based on GMC standards for training, local policies and in discussion with education stakeholders. The EQD was piloted in 7 clinical management groups (CMGs) and then implemented on an ongoing basis. Education Quality Leads (EQLs) in 6 of the 7 CMGs were appointed and given responsibility for collecting and reviewing the dashboard data. In September and October 2016 semi-structured telephone interviews were conducted with 14 stakeholders involved in producing and using the EQD. Data was analysed thematically using a combination of deductive and inductive coding, with the aid of NVivo 10. The findings of the study highlighted the way the EQD was used in practice and the value and impact of the EQD. The EQD has helped to collate education quality data, highlighted important variations in practice and education quality between departments, raised awareness of educational issues and helped to drive some improvements in education. The qualitative findings also provided insight into the challenges of using a dashboard in assessing the quality of the education environment, and into how this approach could be optimised for future use.



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