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Rent-Seeking in Developed and Developing Countries: Cross Section and Time Series Studies.

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posted on 12.03.2009, 12:56 by Dilek Demirbas
The property rights issue is one of the most important institutional differences between developed/developing countries. The violation of the property rights results with rentseeking. In order to see if the extent of rent-seeking differs significantly between developed and developing countries, I applied a cross section and a time series study with the intention to measure rent-seeking. I found that rent-seeking is low in developed countries whilst it is high in developing counterparts. Turkey, as a developing country was my special case to apply time series study to see if rentseeking vary over the years. In my additional work for Turkey, I found that there is a cointegrating relationship between rent-seeking as a percentage of the budget LnRt and government size ( LnGYt ), and GNP per capita income ( LnGNPCt ).



Dept. of Economics, University of Leicester.

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