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A grounded theory analysis of patients' experience of formulation-sharing with clinical psychologists

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posted on 29.04.2016, 12:54 by Michael Stewart
This thesis investigates the experience of patients working with clinical psychologists in therapy. Specifically, it is interested in the patients’ experience of formulation-sharing in psychological therapy. The study is presented in three parts: (i) a literature review investigating past research on psychological formulation (ii) the main research report and (iii) a critical appraisal of the research process. Literature Review: The literature review highlights that studies on the effect of formulation on important therapeutic variables have produced mixed findings. The review aims to highlight the factors that research suggests may influence the formulation process. Research Report: The research report aims to contribute to an under-researched area of psychological formulation-sharing in everyday clinical practice. It explores patients’ experience of this process using grounded theory methodology and provides a process model based on patient’s perspective of the process. Critical Appraisal: The critical appraisal is based on the researcher’s notes and reflective journals kept throughout the project. The appraisal reflects on the researcher’s involvement in the project, the process of recruiting and interviewing patients, analysis of the data, the development of a model of formulation-sharing and the academic supervision process.



Kurtz, Arabella; Burgess, Gerald

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School of Psychology

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University of Leicester

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