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Authenticity and goal-directed behaviours and cognitions

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posted on 10.07.2014, 11:21 by Diana Gloria Pinto
Aims : This thesis sets out to investigate theoretical conceptualisations of the tripartite model of authenticity and its role within goal-directed behaviours and cognitions. Previous work has mainly been on a theoretical level and focused heavily on personality and counselling literature. The aim of this thesis is to advance the understanding of the tripartite model of authenticity which has previously been supported by both personality and counselling literature. In doing so, this thesis adopts a framework of goal-directed behaviour and cognitions within an individual differences approach, to apply a range of surveys and experimental measures which explore a number of goal-directed behaviours within the tripartite model of authenticity. Methods : Six studies are presented. Three of these studies assess data through self-report questionnaires in comparison the remaining three employ experimental tasks to measure goal-directed behaviours. Data was analysed using multiple regressions, correlations, t-tests and ANOVA’s. Results : The thesis presents novel research to explore goal-directed behaviours within the tripartite model of authenticity. Results indicate that: (1) the tripartite model of authenticity is distinct and unique from extant models of personality; (2) authenticity is related to inhibitory and reward seeking behaviours; (3) authenticity is related to reconfiguring mental resources; (4) authenticity does not reflect impulsive decision-making; (5) authenticity does however play a role in general, every day, decision-making strategies; (6) authenticity can predict aggressive responses in unfair situations; (7) authenticity can predict posttraumatic growth in the aftermath of trauma.



Maltby, John; Robertson, Noelle

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School of Psychology

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University of Leicester

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