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Beyond Screaming and Shouting: Management and Discipline in the Lower Primary Music Class

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posted on 26.03.2012, 11:33 by Edwin Jessie Tanner
This study is about improving the discipline in order to maximize learning in the lower primary music class of the Oriental Universal School (fictitious name). It was argued that studying the literature is a necessary but not adequate condition for practitioners to improve classroom discipline, therefore, Action Research was employed with the aim of improving teaching practice by achieving effective behaviour management in class. The key research question explored in this study was ‘How can classroom management and discipline be improved so that learning of music can be optimized?’ The study went on for three academic years with a large amount of data collected, mostly in the form of notes and diaries. Action Research was demonstrated to be an effective way of supporting the process of improving classroom discipline. No one approach alone was adequate in solving discipline problems, but rather, the teacher can use a variety of strategies, according to the situation and context. The most crucial findings were the use of rhythm/vocal echo, positive/negative reinforcement, and the importance of teacher well being (physically and emotionally fit, enthusiastic, positive, and encouraging). Other important long-term strategies included relationship building and working with one child at a time. In doing so, the teacher needs to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and flexible, striving to the best for the students in a loving and yet firm manner. The process of AR can help the teacher to face challenging situations with positive hopes instead of pessimistically dreading difficulties.



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