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Evaluating the added value of an attitude-based measure of Emotional Intelligence – the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP)

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posted on 06.12.2019, 09:11 by Jolyon Maddocks
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is broadly separated into an ability model, measured as maximal performance, and several mixed models, measured as typical performance. The two approaches to EI have been criticised for measuring different constructs, however, some authors have sought to link them, with ability EI being the antecedent of mixed EI. The proposition of this paper is to extend this link to include attitudes as potential antecedents of ability and mixed EI. It is proposed that the inclusion of attitudes within an EI framework provides a broader context for understanding the inputs and outputs of EI, something that is yet to be demonstrated by either the ability or mixed models independently. Furthermore, it is proposed that an attitude-based model of EI will help address some of the criticisms that currently face both models of EI. Specifically, attitudes may be used to provide an ethical and values led basis to EI; they could give greater insight as to the automatic, habitual and non-conscious processes of EI; and they could help support individuals more widely in their personal development.



Catherine Steele

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Department of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour

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University of Leicester

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