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Initial teacher training for the teaching of reading: An exploratory study with final-year primary B.Ed. students.

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posted on 19.11.2015, 09:15 by Hanne. Lambley
The field of study was the preparation of primary B.Ed. students for the teaching of reading. It was carried out at a time of public debate about the quality of education and particularly in the preparation of teachers for reading. Review of relevant research revealed a paucity of information in this area. The aim of the study was to explore students' knowledge, skills and beliefs in the teaching of reading, identifying areas of discrepancy between intended and actual performance and to use the acquired information to explore ways of improving existing procedures for the preparation of teachers in reading. Over five years the study involved four teacher training institutions and a sample of 835 students, 680 teachers and 151 college supervisors. The study, focusing on the final block school experience of students, consisted of two phases. Phase I adopted survey methods employing purpose designed questioimaires and interviews to gather information on students' performance in the teaching of reading as perceived by themselves, their classteachers and supervisors. This provided a baseline and focus for further study. Phase II was carried out in one institution. It adopted an action research approach and explored the potential and limitations of a specially designed programme to heighten students' 'reading metaknowledge'. A Follow-up Study probed the performance of recently qualified teachers in this area. The outcomes of the study were: 1. Findings demonstrating possible ways of improving students' perceived performance and feeling of competence in teaching reading by raising their awareness of knowledge they held 2. Development of a model for learning to teach reading, identifying the role of metacognition in linking theoretical knowledge with teaching activities 3. Development of research instruments for exploring beliefs and perceived performance in the teaching of reading. The study has implications for theorists and practitioners in the field.


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