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International marketing : managerial and organisational factors associated with export success ; the case of Saudi Arabian exporters of non-oil products

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posted on 15.12.2014, 10:45 by Mansour Abdulaziz. Al-Obaidi
Empirical investigations on firms' export performance have concentrated on firms from developed countries. However, in developing countries generally, and in Saudi Arabia particularly, little is known about this issue among their firms. Therefore, this study explored the export behaviour and performance of manufacturing firms in Saudi Arabia.;The main objective of this thesis was to compare firm-level characteristics of successful and less successful exporters together with other factors associated with their export success. Additionally, the obstacles facing Saudi exporters were identified.;The sampling frame comprised of 411 firms which have been involved in exporting for at least two years identified by the Saudi Export Development Center. A postal questionnaire was used as the main research instrument to collect the data from exporting manufacturers, and the total number of usable questionnaires received was 99, a response rate of 24.1 percent. This sample was divided in two groups: successful and less successful exporters, according to their export performance (export ratio and export growth) in international markets over a three-year period (1993 to 1995).;On the basis of existing literature, hypotheses were formulated and tested, to see if there are differences in the relationships between the two groups in their firm characteristics (size, age, export experience and export market strategy) and in other factors associated with export success (export market planning, market research, export department, management strength and adaptation of their marketing mix to the export market).;The findings of this study suggested that there is no correlation between the size, age and export experience of the firm and its export success. However, regarding export strategy, a significant positive correlation was found between the success of exporters and export strategy (number of export markets). Those firms adopting a market diversification strategy were more successful than firms adopting a market concentration strategy.


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