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Managing quality in higher education: A stakeholder perspective.

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posted on 16.04.2009, 10:53 by Shoba Zachariah
This study proposes a framework for managing quality in higher education based on the key quality values of students, academics and employers. The proposed framework of the stakeholder determinants of quality (SDQ) is unique in that it is the only approach to quality that seeks to address differences in quality values between stakeholder groups while it builds on similarities in their views. The methodology employs sequential methodological triangulation and includes individual interviews and a larger survey. The sample includes students and academic staff on Business and IT undergraduate programmes from six of the largest private sector higher education institutions in Muscat, Oman and some of the largest private and public sector employers. The findings reveal strong congruence on many criteria between academic staff and employers, including the importance of developing core transferable skills, student transformation and empowerment and high academic standards. Student responses indicate a lack of congruence on those criteria that focus on student input and participation in the learning process, which are highly rated by academic staff and employers. There are a number of criteria in which there is congruence between the three groups, most significantly, the importance of the teaching and learning function. Students’ engagement with the learning process through the lecturers’ ability to motivate students’ interest, facilitate subject knowledge, stimulate thought and develop transferable skills are considered the most critical issues in managing quality by all three groups. The study suggests that an approach to quality that is based on an understanding of key values of the main participants will facilitate shared understanding and quality consciousness within institutions in comparison to current quality assurance regimes that are externally imposed.



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