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Motivations, attitudes and loyalty : towards a pricing strategy model for Taiwanese museums

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posted on 15.12.2014, 10:45 by Yupin Chung
A convergence of diminishing funding resources, heightened public expectations, and marketing practices was leading Taiwanese museums in a 'new direction' only a few years ago. The pressure of requiring public museums to produce self-generated income through a combination of admission charges, corporate sponsorship and other commercial services such as venue hire, shop sales and proceeds from catering is a complex issue.;Within this rapidly changing context, this thesis explores the people who 'consume' a museum visit and tackles the following questions: How should museums and their roles be interpreted in the age of the leisure society? What are the museum's objectives in selecting its pricing objectives? What factors influence a visitor's perceptions of the value-for-money offered by a visit to a museum? How does a museum decide upon a general strategic approach to its pricing decision?;To address these questions, a new theoretical base and methodology is developed with two main stages. The first stage was to survey the area of the historical development of admission charges for Taiwanese museums. The second stage explored primary evidence using both the case study and a series of focus group interviews to support the premises of pricing strategies. Through systematic analysis of this primary data a model is developed to understand why people visit museums (in terms of visitor motivations) and how those visits are integrated into their value system (in terms of visitor attitudes and loyalty). In this way the thesis describes how the trend towards a self-generated income policy has influenced the behaviour of Taiwanese museums and their visitors, and suggests how a pricing strategy model of museums can be developed in a way that more fully reflects their fundamental and evolving purposes.


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