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Retention and induction of newly qualified primary English teachers in Israel

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posted on 15.12.2014, 10:43 by Shoshana Plavin
The shortage of quality teachers of English as a foreign language in the Israeli primary schools has been a serious concern over the last decade in Israel especially in the light of the importance of learning English. The purpose of this study was to illuminate the perceived factors that positively and negatively impact on newly qualified primary English teachers' retention. The perceptions by the newly qualified English teachers and their stakeholders of the induction programme enhanced the findings that emerged. This qualitative study comprised three in-depth case studies of newly qualified English teachers in the primary school using semi-structured interviews. The sample of 19 were participants directly or indirectly involved with the newly qualified English teachers' induction experiences. The data were analysed using 'within' and cross-case analysis which generated categories and patterns suggesting a strong link between retention, induction and mentoring. The perceived factors found to have the most influence on newly qualified primary English teachers' retention were: the demands of teaching English, the status of teachers and the interpersonal relationships within the school culture. Moreover, improving the quality of induction support and a stronger induction link between the colleges and the schools were considered significant in meeting the needs of newly qualified English teachers and their ultimate retention in the school system..


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