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Staff experiences of working within mental health services in a socially deprived city : an interpretative phenomenological analysis

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posted on 09.10.2014, 11:24 by Leah Clatworthy
Section One: Literature Review : The literature review investigated the association between income inequality and mental health within Britain. Eight quantitative studies were included within the review. All studies showed support for the notion that there is an association between income inequality and mental health. The results demonstrated the complexity of the relationship between income inequality and mental health. Future research is required to specifically examine the validity of Kawachi & Kennedy’s (1997) conceptual model of income inequality and mental health. Section Two: Research Report : The research report explored mental health staff members’ understandings of the impact of social deprivation on mental health and also how these understandings influence their clinical practice. Data was collected using focus groups and individual interviews. Five focus groups and two individual interviews were conducted. Twenty-seven participants took part in the study. Interpretative phenomenological analysis was used to analyse the data. Three super-ordinate themes emerged from the data which were: ‘unjust circumstances’, ‘division’ and ‘survival’. The findings highlighted the complex nature of working within socially deprived areas. Recommendations were made in relation to how mental health services should address the challenges that working in deprived areas brings for team members and how to ensure that service users receive the most effective care from mental health services. Section Three: Critical Appraisal : The critical appraisal focussed on a trainee clinical psychologist’s experience of conducting this research project. This included a reflection on the overall research process including a critique of the methodology used and the limitations of the research. The critical appraisal also included the trainee’s personal and professional development in relation to completing the research project.



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