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The resettlement of Ugandan Asians in Leicester 1972-80.

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posted on 19.11.2015, 09:13 by Valerie. Marett
This last section has been included to indicate that a significant part was played by the indigenous voluntary sector which formed part of the "tripartite strategy" consisting of the traditional white voluntary associations co-operating with the Asian associations and the City's Social Services in the reception of the Ugandan Asians. It was the question of accommodation that was seen by all these agencies as the particularly urgent and first priority. Sections of both the indigenous volunteers and the City's Director of Social Service saw that some sort of refugee village near Leicester was the solutions for the first phase of accommodating the refugees. Although the symbolic significance of the fact that both white and Asians manned the City's chief arrival point can be dismissed as ephemeral and relatively unimportant in what should have been a carefully designed Government backed programme, nevertheless it did impress the recipients of this goodwill, and was an immediate reassurance that Leicester was not as unwelcoming as had been thought because of such officially backed pronouncements as the City's notices in the Ugandan press.


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