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Values in education - With reference to secondary schools. An enquiry into attitudes towards aspects of education held by students, teachers and headteachers in a representative group of secondary schools.

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posted on 19.11.2015, 09:15 by B. S. Holt
Education appears unavoidably linked to values but the content and manner of values education seems a matter of some confusion and controversy. In considering this proposition recent writing is reviewed. First, to show that there is a real dilemma in modern education concerning the values and purposes which are served in schools, particularly secondary schools, and in the difficulty of finding firm ground from which to clarify the situation. Second, to attempt to explore the meaning of the term 'values in education' and to find an approach from which the questions arising may be tackled. The methods of research are then set out, outlining the methodology and the concepts used. This includes a description of the sample of schools and of the means of gathering, processing and considering data, from students, teachers and headteachers, by questionnaire and interview. The results are then set out: First, the questionnaire, under the headings of Priorities, Qualities, Offences in School and in Wider Society, attitudes to the Curriculum, the School Ethos and the direction of Student Development: Second, the interviews, under the headings of five main questions. The last two chapters are concerned with reactions to the enquiry; with findings related to the original hypotheses and with inferences drawn from these findings. The interest shown in the project is discussed, the relationship to the National Curriculum, political control and the issues of motivation. The conclusions include the suggestion that both teachers and students are interested in a 'valuate' aspect of education but a difficulty is the individualistic nature of much educational practice. It is also found that both teachers and students appear unsure of the 'core mission' of their schools and that insufficient attention is paid to this in teacher training. Thus a need is suggested for a clearer vision concerning the overall purpose of education.


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