Dr Yewande Okuleye

Research Associate
Yewande Okuleye is an interdisciplinary scholar with degrees in biochemistry, fine art, research methodology and the history of medicine. Prior to returning to academia, Yewande worked as a chemist at the Body Shop International and was part of the pioneering research and development team, which investigated animal testing alternatives and formulated innovative hair, skin, perfumery and well-being products, which defined the natural and ethical skin care movement of the 1990s. Her PhD thesis, Reclaiming Cannabis Medicine, Medical and Well-Being Narratives and Counter Narratives (1992- 2019), investigated how different stakeholders negotiated the barriers and opportunities to develop cannabis and cannabinoid medicine.The emergence of cannabis and cannabinoid medicine as a new discipline situates Yewande’s expertise at the intersection of cannabis and cannabinoid academia, policy, and the nascent cannabis industry.


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