Age dependent effects of protein restriction on dopamine release

Posted on 10.06.2020 - 13:42 authored by Fabien Naneix
Raw data from the FSCV and protein restriction project.

1- Adult and adolescent rats were exposed to either control or protein restricted diet during 2 weeks.
-> body weight and food intake measures are available in FSCV_Weight&Food intake.xlsx

2- At the end of the diet exposure, ex vivo voltammetry recordings were performed on brain slices containing the nucleus accumbens or the dorsal striatum to measure dopamine release induced by electrical stimulation.
-> electrodes calibration is available in FSCV_Electrode calibration.txt
-> individual data for each age, diet condition, region, animal and slice are organised in different folders explicitly named.
-> complete dataset for each stimulation can be open using TarHeel CV software.
-> each data (current versus time) is also available as .txt in each folder (one .txt file for one stimulation response).

Data have been used in the following article "Age dependent effects of protein restriction on dopamine release" available on bioRxiv ( and currently in revision in Neuropsychopharmacology.


Naneix, Fabien (2020): Age dependent effects of protein restriction on dopamine release. University of Leicester. Collection.
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