Localised hypermutation is the major driver of meningococcal genetic variability during persistent asymptomatic carriage

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This data collection contains files relating to analysis of genetic variation within meningococcal genomes during persistent carriage. The data is derived from Illumina HiSeq whole genome sequence data and covers allelic variation of genes, recombination fragments, simple sequence repeats and antigenic variation of the pilus genes. There is a set of eight files five in Excel format (S1, S2, S3, S7 ad S8), one as docx file and a pdf (contained in supplementary-files-for-figshare). There are also two folders (Supplementary Data Set 1 and Supplementary Data Set 2; contained in Green-Bayliss-Supplementary-Data-Sets) that contain a series of sub-folders and .txt files of sequence alignments (nucleotide and amino acid) for the the allelic variation and recombination fragments found in either paired isolates from one carrier (Data Set 1) or multiple isolates (Data Set 2) from a carrier.

The eight files contained in Supplementary Data Set 3 have the following content:- S1, allelic variation in paired isolates; S2, functional classification of allelic variation; S3, allelic variation in multiple isolate; S4, allele specific PCRs and Sanger sequences; S5, PilE amino acid sequences; S6, repeat tract summary information; S7, raw PV data for PilC, pilin glycosylation, LOS and RM modules; S8, raw Opa PV data).


Medical Research Council grant MR/M020193/1 to Dr. Chris Bayliss

Wellcome Trust grants, 104992/Z/14/Z and 087622/Z/08/A to Prof Martin Maiden


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